Jul 3

Brit + Co

I look at the Brit + Co app on my phone everyday. There are a lot of fun tutorials of crafty projects, as well as recipes for food and cocktails. Today I was pleasantly surprised to see this picture. The girl on the left is totally rocking our crying tiger tee! Awww yeah!

Jun 21

Poor Birdy


One of our cats injured a cute little bird in our back yard. We made him a nest and brought him in our house. I hope the little guy pulls through. UPDATE: Nope. Poor little guy.


Yesss. First beach day of the year.

Jun 20

School’s Out For Summer


Darby and his best buds leaving school on the last day! The kids were so excited I could barely get them to stand still for a picture.

Jun 12

Bearded Strangers

Friday was the opening reception for our June art exhibit, Bearded Strangers by Carlotta Valdez. If you missed it, be sure to stop by this month and check it out. Each portrait has a funny little back story, it’s definitely worth coming in and reading each one!


Darby had a lemonade stand in front of our store on First Friday. He was raising money for the Children’s Museum Theater. He made his goal and now gets to spend the night at the Children’s Museum with all his fellow actors. They get to play games, eat pizza, watch movies, and have a dance party…it sounds like so much fun!

Jun 10


Super cool shop, Craftland, in Providence, RI, has been recently restocked with a bunch of Pinecone+Chickadee tees for men, ladies, kids and babies! They also contacted us about doing a guest blog for their site. We were so honored! Here’s a link to our post…

May 21


This past weekend Darby and I took the train down to Brooklyn to visit my dearest friend, Rain, and her family. They are moving to Portland, Oregon and I thought I better go see her while she’s still on the East Coast. So sad she’s moving so far. But we had such an awesome time. It was so nice to see Rain, and Darby is friends with her sons, Max and Caleb, so Darby was pretty stoked, too. There was a Winter Wonka-land pop-up shop in the Meatpacking District that was coincidentally happening while we were there. They gave out complimentary samples of Peel-A-Pop frozen treats, little ice creams that look and peel like bananas, but you can actually eat the peels! So cute, so Wonka-esque, I loved it.

May 11

Mother’s Day

Had a lovely Mother’s Day today. The weather was beautiful! Picked up some croissant doughnuts from Little Bigs, I never had them before. Yummy. Spent the morning yard saling and going to the flea market, my favorite pastime. Later we headed out to Fort Williams for a wasabi lobster roll at Bite Into Maine. Lucky to get the last of the lobster before they ran out. Lazed around in the afternoon. Then Noah grilled on the BBQ and we had quite the enjoyable evening on the back deck. I love my boys.





Apr 30

The Collective Good

The Collective Good in Whitehorse, Canada now carries all sorts of Pinecone+Chickadee goodness! We’re very excited about this. Here are some pics of their handsome, brand new shop, as they’ve just moved. I didn’t know very much about Whitehorse before the Collective Good contacted us, but I’ve since discovered a few interesting tidbits…Whitehorse’s climate is milder than the other communites up north; it has the least amount of air pollution than any other city in the world; they get 20 hours of daylight in the summer. Sounds pretty neat!




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