Aug 22

Picnic Is Tomorrow!


Noah and I put on a craft fair in Portland twice a year. Tomorrow is the summer show! Woo hoo! I’m so excited for it. I just finished silkscreening the art poster today. If you’re in the Portland area, be sure to stop by! We’ll be there in our Pinecone+Chickadee booth, but there will also be over 100 arts + craft vendors on hand selling amazing handmade wares!

Aug 11

New Shirt Designs

We have new shirt designs up in our online store and in our brick and mortar shop!

Jul 31

I Want

Jul 28

River Run

Last week we took the boys canoeing down the Saco River, and it was grand! We took a shuttle upriver and spent the whole day paddling down. We towed Darby behind us on a float tied to our canoe. Later in the day we happened upon a little beach for some fun swim time. It was our first time doing this and I hope to do it again soon!

Jul 3

Brit + Co

I look at the Brit + Co app on my phone everyday. There are a lot of fun tutorials of crafty projects, as well as recipes for food and cocktails. Today I was pleasantly surprised to see this picture. The girl on the left is totally rocking our crying tiger tee! Awww yeah!

Jun 21

Poor Birdy


One of our cats injured a cute little bird in our back yard. We made him a nest and brought him in our house. I hope the little guy pulls through. UPDATE: Nope. Poor little guy.


Yesss. First beach day of the year.

Jun 20

School’s Out For Summer


Darby and his best buds leaving school on the last day! The kids were so excited I could barely get them to stand still for a picture.

Jun 12

Bearded Strangers

Friday was the opening reception for our June art exhibit, Bearded Strangers by Carlotta Valdez. If you missed it, be sure to stop by this month and check it out. Each portrait has a funny little back story, it’s definitely worth coming in and reading each one!


Darby had a lemonade stand in front of our store on First Friday. He was raising money for the Children’s Museum Theater. He made his goal and now gets to spend the night at the Children’s Museum with all his fellow actors. They get to play games, eat pizza, watch movies, and have a dance party…it sounds like so much fun!

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